Suspendy ceilings made of drywall

Ordinary, white, unremarkable ceiling is bored and leaves absolutely no emotions. A completely different matter is when bizarre geometric shapes, or the rainbow stretched from one corner to another, or blue clouds above your head. Such a wonderful material as drywall will help to create such a miracle on your ceiling. The decoration of ceilings with drywall today is the most common option for decorating the interior.

Plasterboard ceilings can be of a wide variety of shapes, both simply smooth and voluminous multi -level, with and without illumination. To give the ceiling the volume, it is made two -levels, and if the height allows, multi -level. Thus, you can transform the interior of the room beyond recognition, and an unobtrusively illuminated ceiling will add a special charm. The backlight can be either one -color or multi -colored. Carry out backlight by embedding the LED tape into the prepared space located between the levels of the ceiling. You can integrate, in the same way, and lamps that will help get rid of unnecessary, in some cases, chandeliers.

Single -level gypsum plasterboard ceilings are suitable for those who want to get a smooth surface. The installation of such a ceiling is not difficult, and it may well be built with your own hands. The frame of aluminum or wooden bars is installed under the very ceiling, and then, with a plasterboard is sheathed on top and the backlight or lamps are built.

Multi -level plasterboard ceilings are much more complicated in the installation. The first level of multi -level ceiling can serve as an ordinary ceiling and a single -level drywall. Each subsequent level will be a similar frame that will be attached to the previous.

There are a great many ways to install drywall ceilings, since the design scheme depends mainly on the imagination of the designer. Multi -level ceilings are framed, which are a low box, along the edges of which a hidden LED tape is built; figured when some interesting design is installed in the center of the ceiling, in the idea of ​​a flower, for example; diagonal, when the second and third levels share the ceiling as if diagonally and.t.D.

Drywall is a universal material, which allows designers to carry out with its help the most daring ideas. For almost any room, whether it is a residential building, restaurant or shopping center, you can find the optimal solution to interior transformation using a drywall ceiling.

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