Hanging ceiling in the bathroom

The creation of the bathroom interior is a creative task. After all, we are talking about the design of a small area, the maximum use of each square meter. Ceiling finishing is a moment that deserves close attention in the development of the design of the bathroom. Now such a design as a suspended ceiling is very popular.

Thanks to many years of experience, the installation of suspended ceilings, I can say that a lot depends on the quality of the materials. Personally, I buy all the elements of suspended ceilings in the Stroybum /CAT263-PODVESNOI-POTOLOK-Svetilniki-Lampi online store.HTML. Moreover, delivery in Kyiv is carried out on the day of the order, and the prices are affordable.

There are several varieties of suspended ceilings. The best option is calculated based on the unique features of a particular bathroom. Bathroom – a room in which a priori observed increased humidity. The ceiling surface will constantly contact with steam, splashes of water, therefore, you need to choose a design, during the development of which materials were used, characterized by resistance to moisture. Do not choose a banal drywall for the bathroom, otherwise it is guaranteed to delay and mold.

It must be remembered that the installation of a stretch ceiling will visually reduce the space of the bathroom. If the room is endowed with high ceilings, this minus of the suspension structure is converted into plus, since the bathroom will stop calling associations with school pencil case. However, for the bathroom with low ceilings, you should extremely carefully choose the suspended products.

You can also safely choose hanging tile ceilings. This variety is designed from drywall modules, metal or mineral fiber. Metal products are characterized by increased strength, do not suffer from leaks. However, they greatly lower the ceiling level, and condensate is also very quickly formed. Two other options are endowed with various degrees of resistance to moisture, many customers do not like a meager choice of colors.

Tones and textures are determined based on the interior of the bath space.

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