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Wall laying

Wall laying

Brick walls have always been distinguished by high indicators of strength and fire resistance. Be that as it may, and the stone and brick still occupy high positions in the ratings of building materials for the construction of both private and apartment buildings and non-residential premises. Brick walls are distinguished by good heat capacity: they do not allow in the summer to heat the interior, and in winter they maintain heat inside.In addition, brick laying of the walls is absolutely not subject to attempts by insect pests, is not amenable to rotting. Brick has a lot of advantages, for this reason we want to familiarize you with the services of our company.

For a long period of time, it is the laying of the walls

from brick and stone, as well as a full range of works related to the organization and conduct of this construction spectrum, is our main activity. We are ready to offer you the services of brick laying of walls that are of high quality and professionalism that will provide you with the team of our masons.

Masonry of bricks is the field of activity, the experience in which we developed for years, constantly developing, studying modern masonry technologies, its varieties. We know everything about the types of bricks and methods of working with each of them, we can even say by eye how high the type of brick is, how it will manifest itself during operation, in which cases it can be taken as a building material , and when is it better to refuse such a choice. We will become your professional consultants at such an important stage of construction as laying walls or its cladding. We will help you not be confused in such a wide range of choice of this building material and give a guarantee that our choice is the reliability and durability of your future home.

Our company also has a specialized department, the main activity of which is facing brick laying of the walls. It is worth saying that in this area we have reached great heights, constantly collecting and analyzing those solutions that accompany the masonry of a brick of this type. You can always get any consultations on this issue from the specialists of our company, together to decide on the type of facing masonry and the process of organizing works of this kind.

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