The pantry in the apartment: simple and with meaning

Whatever size your apartment may be, it should always remain the focus of comfort and home comfort. However, for this, it is necessary to remove all the utensils and other household trifles that are necessary on the farm, but not at all needed in sight. At a certain point, it becomes clear that it is time to put all these things somewhere, and in such a way that you can always reach them. Obviously, you need a pantry.

So, you decide to equip a pantry at home. But first you should decide on the tasks that it will have to perform. Firstly, decide what exactly you are going to store in your pantry, because both its location in the space of the apartment and the layout depends on it. Say, a room for storing frequently used household trifles should not be equipped in the far corner of the apartment, and for storing electrical appliances and tools, you should choose a place of dry room, that is, away from the bathroom. Secondly, think about how to combine a warehouse with a useful area: by showing imagination and spatial thinking, you can try to make a wardrobe in the pantry or even a small office.

Be that as it may, the main task of the pantry is to store as many things as possible. A great option for organizing space are racks. Their advantage is that you can choose shelves of suitable length, width and strength, based on the expected size and weight of things that you are going to store on them.

The rack with shelves should be placed along the long wall, especially if the space in the pantry is limited. Various small tools and consumables should be stored in drawers. If the space allows, you can install several shelf racks, and use the remaining place to store large -sized things. And if you want the pantry to also perform the function of the dressing room, mount the rods for the shoulders, and install cabinets and shelves for shoes on the floor.

With sufficient size of the pantry, you can increase the functional space of the apartment at the expense of it. With the help of beautiful wall decoration and pleasant lighting, you can turn a regular pantry into a comfortable corner for reading, relaxing or working at a computer.

Remember that your pantry can not only be a warehouse of things, but also something big!

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