We make a comfortable room with a low ceiling

When a person is in a room with a low ceiling for a long time, he often has the feeling that the ceiling presses on him and interferes with a breath of sighs in full swing. And if you have to live in such a room, then it’s not far from depression. But you can always find a way out. For example, it can be visually “lifted” by changing the color of the ceiling. Cold shades visually remove the ceiling, and warm shades, on the contrary, bring it closer. It is also necessary to consider that small -sized rooms will make light tones spacious.

And you know that in order to make a comfortable warehouse equipment to be comfortable, it took a lot of time and materials. After passing the link we indicated, you can consider how the warehouse equipment plant now looks after it has been made much more comfortable.

And with dark tones they follow with particular caution. Their immoderate use even a spacious and bright room can turn into a gloomy cave. White paint will be good for a low ceiling. You can also add a small amount of salad, gray, pearl or blue pigment to it.

Stretch ceiling structures take about 5 centimeters of height from the room. Despite this, in small apartments stretch ceilings look beautiful. Having a mirror or glossy own surface, the feeling of pressure of the ceiling, it will help to easily remove.

Light in a low ceiling room plays a huge role. In such rooms, amusious and large chandeliers are unsuitable. In such a situation, flat ceiling or spotlights can help out in such a situation.

With a vertical pattern, wallpaper visually the walls are well lengthened. Wallpaper can be not only striped, but any pattern. The main thing is that it is located vertically. The color scheme is better to choose a non -core.

Furniture should be paid to special attention. The room should fill miniature and slightly elongated items.

The geometry of the room is not very difficult to change. The interior in which it will be comfortable and pleasant to live can be created by simple manipulations.

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