We make a frame partition

Many offices, and many in the apartments have frame partitions are installed. It is not so difficult to repair the frame structure. Usually start to mount with a strapping.  The strapping is divided into ceiling (upper) and lower, which is made on the floor. Partitions made of wood usually have a section of the frame of the frame about fifty per hundred millimeters. Before work, lines are applied to the surface of the ceiling and floor. With the help of which the position of the corresponding upper and lower binding is noted. The strapping itself is installed according to the marks. Fixed with crutches. The frame racks are best placed after half a meter or through a meter. Before that, it is desirable to measure their exact location.  Racks are usually fixed with spikes and nails. After installing the partition, it is best to engage in the kitchen and first install the stretch ceiling in the kitchen, and then change the furniture and everything else.

In the case when you have to install a box for doors, it is better to fix it with racks. They begin to sheathe the frame with boards, which are slightly added at first. So sheathed on one side, usually from the lower binding.  Next move to the other side. Having sheathed to an altitude up to eighty centimeters, a layer of insulation is covered with slag with gypsum, sawdust. There are three or four parts of slag per part of the gypsum. If the mixture has begun to crumble, then you can add water to it, and tamp it inside the frame.  Next, the sheathing is increased, insulation is filled up.  The cracks between the ceilings and the surfaces of the backfill are sealed with paclies, moistened pre -moistened in a solution of gypsum.

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