We make the ceiling in a bathroom from PVC panels

During the repair often there are difficulties with the bathroom. Because this room has its own climate that differs from other rooms. For the bathroom, ordinary wallpapers and building materials are not suitable. However, thanks to modern technologies, new materials are created for decoration of the bathroom. Classic material for the walls of the bathroom is the tile. This material is hygienic, environmentally friendly, waterproof, durable and is also easy to maintain. Prices for this material are very different depending on the manufacturer: Spain, Italy, Russia and others. The tile has many colors and drawings, the buyer can purchase material for every taste. There are shortcomings in the decoration of the walls of the bathroom. For example, during the work, a lot of dust and disorder is formed, the catfish is very tiring catfish to put the tile, you need to call a specialist. It is best to make the ceiling in the bathroom from PVC panels-they are inexpensive, and you can make such a ceiling yourself in 4-5 hours.

There are other materials for decoration of bathrooms, such as panels. If there are any reasons not to use tiles, it is recommended to make the bathroom finish with plastic panels, which also have pros and cons of. The cost of panels is much cheaper than plates. They weigh less, they are easy to install, just care for them. This material is also moisture resistant, racks to elevated temperatures and chemicals. Another plus is that when installing panels, you do not need to level the walls. The main minus is that the panels are very fragile.

A good method is considered to paint walls. With the help of colors, you can embody your artistic abilities and draw some drawing on the walls. This method is economical, easy to work, and there are also colors of various shades. But there are negative points. Before applying the paint, the walls must be leveled, the painted walls should be cleaned often.

Bathroom finishing PVC panels

For all people, the bathroom means something special. For example, some in the bathroom get rid of stress, others from dirt, others relax and rest, the fourth retire and rest from home bustle.

During the repair, it should be remembered that there is a decoration of the bathroom with PVC panels, the price is available to a person with an income level below the average, namely, from 90 rubles per panel, while the aesthetic look will delight the eye.

It is quite difficult to carry out repairs in the bathroom, since it has high humidity. Select material, moisture resistant material.

Bathroom finishing PVC panels.

Even a beginner in this matter can make the decoration with this material, you do not need to have special knowledge, but just study the step -by -step instructions.

PVC panels have a number of advantages, namely:

one. PVC in composition moisture resistant, durable and light.

2. They are easy to wash and do not form on these panels.

3. You can buy panels of any color, even with some exquisite pattern.

four. They can easily be selected for any interior.

5. Purchasing panels saves money.

6. They can not even install them without much effort.

7. For installation, you will need a minimum of tools: drill, hacksaw and hammer.

eight. They serve for a long time.

9. The panel will not spoil the constant effect of water and steam.

ten. PVC panels have a substance that will not allow fire to arise.

eleven. This material is environmentally friendly and unharmed.

PVC panels have only two disadvantages: they have a specific smell and are completely not resistant to loads and shocks.

The construction market has a wide selection of panels, so when buying you need to decide on the color. For example, if the bathroom is small, then pastel colors and light shades are suitable, they will visually expand the room. If the room is very large, then you need to purchase a dark material, you can with a pattern.

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