We do cleaning after repair

Alternate wet and dry sink? For several years now you can not wash the ill -fated stain from the laminate? Or just do not know from what end to approach what is left after the repair?

Put the apartment in order after repair is not an easy task. Such cleaning of apartments requires a large consumption of energy and means. There are 2 ways here – you can use the services of cleaning companies, or you can connect your family, relatives and bring the apartment in a residential look. Which option is preferable and in what situations?

For the best result, it is better to divide all work into several stages:

First you need to take out all the construction garbage from the apartment. And then everything is thoroughly packed, without letting skirting boards and even door pens – who wants to cough from building dust in an updated apartment?

Rinse the floor from lime flows and specific spots. We deal with mounting foam until it has time to dry out, and the paint or glue must be rubbed with turpentine or alcohol-dispenser.

Having completed thorough cleaning of all surfaces, you can arrange furniture. But it should be too much to have it again. It is nice to clean the carpets and curtains, grate furniture, wipe the upholstery from leather or a substitute with special products.

Apartment cleaning and washing windows after repair often turn into an extremely tiring process. Therefore, if you are too lazy or not the opportunity to seek help from friends and relatives, you can contact a cleaning company. The cost and time of cleaning will depend on the area of ​​the room or apartment, and professional cleaners will not need to look for a long time and painstakingly than to wash the incomprehensible spots on the new laminate.

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