What is a biofamine

This is a completely new concept in modern design and comfort of home. Every winter I want to sit at a warm hearth, bask in rainy autumn weather, look at the flame of fire, remember pleasant events.

But not all apartments and even houses have the opportunity to put a regular fireplace. Huge dummies of fireplaces are more reminiscent of the nightlights and began to gradually go into the background. And biomons become in demand.

Biokmamin was invented in Italy for use in rooms where it was impossible to install ordinary fireplaces or heaters.

What is a biofamine

For such fireplaces, you do not need to install a chimney; permission is not required to install fire inspection. They can be placed in any room. New fireplaces are fully consistent with their name. They, like ordinary fireplaces, fill the room with warmth (up to 10 kW). Environmentally friendly fuel with accurate observation of the instructions guarantees safety. The fireplace has absolutely no extraneous smell, does not allocate burning into the room. This is due to the fact that the fuel mixture forms only water and carbon dioxide when burning.

Eco -fireplace is used as an interior element in both residential and non -residential premises. Outwardly it looks like a standard fireplace or quite unusual. For example, as a vase on the stand is quite wide and high. It has two functions: heating blog and decorative element.

The heating unit has the appearance of a focus where environmentally friendly fuel burns. There are decorative firewood. They are made of ceramics, but are very similar to natural. Create the appearance of burning wooden firewood. The heating unit is made of stainless steel having a thickness of 2 mm. This excludes completely the possibility of ignition of the heating unit at a sufficiently high temperature. The heat from the fireplace everything remains indoors due to the absence of the hood. The efficiency of the heating unit reaches 95%. When working fireplace, it is advisable to keep the door to other rooms open. You can open the windows. This will not allow excess gas in the room.

What is a biofamine

Decorative parts emphasize its aesthetic beauty and perform the function of protective. They protect people from burns and prevent an accidental hit on the burner of foreign objects.

You can choose a fireplace to your liking. They are floor, wall or desktop. The size is also any: an impressive size installation or a small mobile block. Any person can purchase a fireplace if desired.

The advantages of biocyes

Its main advantage is work on environmentally friendly fuel. This is bioethanol. In the process of combustion, only carbon dioxide and water falls into the space. That is why fireplaces have an increased level of security. Fuel burns with a flickering and bright flame, produced in cans. They are 2.5 liters and 5 l. Flame intensity can be adjusted by a lid. Per hour is consumed 0.36 liters of fuel. Small canister provides the fireplace for 10 hours.

The second advantage is mobility. Maximum fireplaces cannot exceed 100 kilograms. This facilitates even a rather difficult redevelopment.

For the operation of eco of fireplace, it is enough to carefully familiarize yourself with the instructions for use. Special knowledge is not required.

What is a biofamine

Biocemies do not require high energy costs, save financial costs for their operation, t. to. work on unusual fuel.

Biocemies are sold in collected form. The floor model requires a gap between the wall and the fireplace 3 cm. The fireplace is installed on the wall at a height of up to 45 cm from the floor. It is recommended to use the building level when working. Camine care is simple: just remove the dust from it with a soft cloth. Work must only be done in the absence of flame.

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