What is a beauty brander

Beautiful complexion in women by nature is a rarity. In this regard, most women in order for their skin to look beautiful, fresh and young, they use foundation. And, in particular, the foundation, the main purpose of which is to align the skin of the face and give it an even, pleasant and healthy shade.

What is a beauty brander

Until now, many modern ladies, however, like professional cosmetologists, argue about what is best to apply a foundation. Someone believes that the foundation cream is ideal only if you apply it with your fingers. And someone more likes to use when applying a tonal cream with a cosmetic brush. But there are such representatives of the fair sex who apply foundation with an extremely ordinary sponge. And each of these methods has its own, sometimes large, disadvantages, so makeup experts came up with and offered women a new way to apply a tonal cream – using a beauty author. About what it is, and how to use the beauty author correctly, and the conversation will be in this article.

First of all, it must be said that a beauty bureau is a special special sponge for applying a foundation. He has several distinctive and characteristic features. Firstly, it has an unusual ellip -shaped shape, in which one end is slightly pointed, and the second is slightly rounded. This form contributes to the fact that with the help of this sponge, the foundation can easily be applied to the place complex for tone – the wings of the nose, the internal corners of the eyes. Secondly, the beauty bureau does not leave villi on the skin, like an ordinary sponge, which allows you to apply it smoothly and impeccable.

If we talk about the texture of the beauty blonder, then it greatly resembles velvet or suede, but it remains hypoallergenic, as it does not contain Latax.

What is a beauty brander

Interestingly, the texture of this sponge for the tonal cream is such that it perfectly absorbs excess moisture from the skin and perfectly absorbs water before use, but does not absorb tonal cream at all at all. And this is another advantage of the beauty author over other means of applying the foundation. Moreover, microbes and bacteria do not multiply in it, which can also be attributed to its undoubted advantages.

Every woman or girl who has acquired a beauty brander, undoubtedly, after some time, a completely logical question will arise-but how to care for such a sponge? Is it possible to wash it or does it require any special care? The answers to these questions are very simple – it is enough to rinse the beauty brander with water and soap after each use. It will be enough.

Now let’s talk about how to use the beauty author correctly.

Before using the beauty burea, it is necessary to moisten with water-this is a prerequisite. Do not be surprised that at the same time it will increase quite much in size. The more water there will be, the softer it will be softer and, accordingly, the thinner and even layer it will apply a foundation on your skin.

When applying a tonal cream, it is not at all necessary to be a professional cosmetologist or have any special skills. Apply a foundation with this tool in the same way as you would apply it with your fingers or an ordinary sponge. Do not forget about massage lines so as not to stretch the skin of the face. Also remember that the sharp edge of the beauty blonder is designed to apply the cream around the lips, near the eyes and in other similar places that require careful study.

What is a beauty brander

When choosing a beauty author, you may have problems. And the whole point is that the beauty bits are different colors. The most suitable for non -professionals is a similar sponge of pink color – the beauty of the black -bonder is denser in texture, so it is more suitable for professional makeup artists. But the beauty of the white-colored brand is designed to apply a very thin layer of the foundation, in connection with which it can be recommended for girls with almost perfect skin skin.

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