What is a frame house

Fashion for frame houses came to us from Europe. And Europeans, in turn, picked up this idea from Canadians. What is the secret of the popularity of such frame houses?

Most likely, in simplicity (and, therefore, efficiency), as well as the reliability of the design of frame buildings.

The frame wall is a 50 cm from each other, wooden racks of various sections that can withstand quite large loads on their area. In addition, having a longitudinal arrangement of fibers, wooden racks do not shrink, which significantly reduces the time of installation of the house.

The frame shield from the racks itself has good heat -insulating properties. The gaps between the frame racks, however, are filled with a special insulation of various thicknesses. And this suggests that frame buildings can be used both for the construction of summer houses and for the construction of residential buildings. And the thickness of the insulation should be selected from the features of the operation of the structure, as well as from the climatic zone where this house will be built.

That is, the construction of a frame house is appropriate both in the southern regions and in harsh conditions with a cold climate. The main thing is to choose the right thickness of the insulation filler in order to create comfortable conditions in a residential building.

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