What is yoyoing

Recently, among young people, one can often hear the word “yowing”, and you should not think that this is another slang word without much sense, because yoing is a newfangled sport associated with tricks. The main thing in yoyoing is a special shell, a toy with the cheerful name of yo-yo, now it is easy to purchase it in a store, ordering it through the Internet, and before yo-yo made it yourself. The history of the emergence of yo-yo originates in ancient times of Greece, mention yo-yo and in ancient China, in those times it was children’s entertainment, and later, yo-yo began to use in the hunt, by the way, they say that even Napoleon loved to show virtuoso tricks with yo-yo. Nowadays, not only children and adolescents, but also adults are fond of yoying, because, having tried to make a trick once, it is difficult to tear yourself away from yo-yo.

What is yoyoing

What is yo-yo? The design of the toy is quite simple – these are two small disks that resemble the butterfly form, which connects the axis (in modern versions, the “butterfly” is supplied with small bearings and even a miniature brake system), on which the rope is attached. Of the materials, manufacturers of yo-yo choose plastic, composites and metal, beginners and children better choose light plastic yo-yo, professionals-heavier metal-containing models that will allow you to perform more complex tricks.

The basic principle of yoing is the tricks during the Yo-Yo flight, the simplest action is when the toy sinks, and then it rises into my hands. Yoying styles are divided into two main groups-the so-called luping (the direction of yo-yo for various trajectories during return to the hands, the shape of the loop during rotation may be the most different) and string (performing tricks during the state of “sleep” or in English equivalent ” Slipa “when yo-yo rotates at the very end of a completely unwound rope). There are also many types of freestyle – it all depends on the imagination, dexterity, patience and skills of the player.

What is yoyoing

Today, yoyoing is not just a cheerful game, tricks, it is a special lifestyle that unites all players: various groups are created, competitions are held, there are many forums called up to beginners and make it possible to exchange experience for mature players for whom yoind is their favorite hobby.

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