What is “Marseille wax” and how to use it

To date, giving an original look to the walls is completely easy, since any construction store has a great assortment of finishing material. But, often, among such a huge choice, many prefer such a type of decoration as decorative plaster. Similar material is popular in that it has a huge color scheme of shades and a different structure.

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For example, take “Marseille wax”. Firstly, we can say that this is an excellent material for wall decoration, which perfectly imitates a wood bark or creates the effect of old stone.

By the way, for fans of the French style “Marseille wax” will be a great solution when decorating walls.

Secondly, the technology of applying such plaster is not very complicated and you can cope with it yourself, it will simply be necessary to observe the sequence of each stage.

The workflow is as follows:

one. The walls are aligned and primed.

2. Then, a base layer of plaster is applied with special tools (a fetus and a plate smear) with which the surface acquires a certain texture.

four. After the walls have dried up from the applied layer of plaster, they are tinted with wax. A similar process is carried out using a soft sponge in circular motions.

5. Next, the surface is plastered and the second and last layer of tinted wax is applied.

By the way, the second layer of wax can have a slightly different shade and this will create a certain contrast on the surface and give the highlight the common interior of the room.

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