What is micellar water

Recently, on the shelves of stores selling products to maintain beauty, you can increasingly find micellar water, which are still very rumors about. Many girls and ladies, who have already tried this novelty of cosmetology, without hiding joy, claim that micellar water is truly working miracles. According to them, it can be almost without skin friction and without making great efforts to remove even the most persistent makeup from the face. And, moreover, the skin of the face after such a procedure becomes not only clean, but also radiant. Is that really true? In order to find out, let’s talk in more detail in this article about what it is – micellar water, and how to use it correctly.

What is micellar water

So that the micellar water consists of? It includes the so -called mitzels, which gave the name to the most cosmetic product. Micelles are particles of fatty acids dissolved in water, which are able not only to wash away a variety of pollution from the skin, but also to push them away without damaging the skin of the face. But for sure, many of you have a question – what is the difference between micellar water from the usual cleansing milk or tonic? The answer is simple – micellar water, given its composition, acts on the skin of the face more carefully, which, you see, is important.

Micellar water enters the sale in relatively large bottles. It, as a rule, has no smell and is absolutely transparent. Although, and this is worth noting, some manufacturers flavoric water, as a result of which it has a light and delicate aroma. Another important fact is that any micellar water is not allowed to have surfactants and alkalis. And what is allowed? We answer – manufacturers add natural extracts of various herbs used in cosmetology to micellar water. For example, it can be chamomile, sage, green tea, lavender, rose or tea tree. Also, as part of micellar water, you can often find a variety of, useful for skin, oil – olive, castor, peach or grape seed oil. Quite often, manufacturers enrich this product with hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, panthenol or glycerin, which feed, moisturize and soothe the skin of the face.

What is micellar water

It is possible that many representatives of the fair sex do not know that the initially micellar water was intended exclusively for the care of the delicate skin of babies or people with serious dermatological diseases. But in the future, the range of its use has expanded, and now absolutely all women can use it, because this cosmetic product is suitable for any skin type. Yes, and by age there are no restrictions – such water will benefit both in youthful and adulthood. And, of course, mytzelic water can be used, as you have already understood this, people with delicate and very sensitive skin are hypoallergenically.

But, unfortunately, even such a seemingly very good skin cleansing agent has its drawbacks, which we will now talk about.

In some cases, and this does not depend on the type of skin, after using mycellular water, a stickiness sensation remains on the face. The next disadvantage of micellar water can be called that after its use, some girls felt that the skin on the face was slightly pulled out, which, you see, is unpleasant. Unfortunately, rarely, but there are cases when such water even dries the skin of the face.

What is micellar water

As for her hypoallergenicity, this must also be said separately. The water itself cannot cause allergies, but here are the additives that are in it are capable of it. In this regard, the allergic women can be recommended to choose myszellar water without additives.

It is also necessary to very carefully wipe the skin around the eyes with micellar water – unfortunately, when it gets into the eyes, a feeling of light pinching may occur. And the last drawback of micellar water is that after it the skin on your face can shine – so be ready for this.

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