What is nomophobia

The concept of “phobia” is probably known to everyone. As you know everything well, phobia is a fear of something or someone. Our life does not stand still, and with the advent of new modern technologies and phobias, more and more appears. So, for example, scientists and doctors recently began to identify nomophobia in people. What is it? It turns out that nomophobia is closely related to the development of high technologies.

What is nomophobia

Speaking more specifically, then nomophobia now doctors understand the fear of a person to stay even on a small period of time without his mobile phone, smartphone, laptop or tablet. Such a fear can sometimes go into a panic form – a person, left without means of communication and without accessing the Internet, begins to feel lonely, all forgotten, cut off from the outside world and even in some way inferior.

This fear is easily explained by scientists – because with the help of modern gadgets you can not only call anywhere in the world, but also send messages, photograph and upload these photos on the Internet, listen to music, read books, and so on.

A similar dependence on your phone, smartphone or tablet is sometimes quite high and can be equal to dependence on tobacco or alcohol.

Of course, nomophobes do not pose any danger for society, because they are so passionate about their phone or smartphone that they almost do not pay attention to what surrounds them in real life.

To make out the nomophobe in society is also not difficult. Look around – if you see a person who even crosses the road without letting go of his phone, then, most likely, in front of you is a classic nomophobe.

But one cannot categorically say that such people are completely lost to society. You can and should communicate with them and even be friends. Only if nomophobe has become your friend, be prepared for the fact that he will soon begin to change real communication with you – his real friend, to virtual communication with virtual acquaintances. Of course, this can interfere with your friendship, so try to help your Non-Mofobu friend find something interesting in reality. Invite him to a cafe, go to the cinema with him, to theatrical premieres, just walk around the city or arrange country walks. So you will give him the opportunity to get rid of his detrimental dependence.

What is nomophobia

Fortunately, in Russia, people who have nomophobia are still not as many as abroad. But there, according to statistics, every seventh resident is nomophobe. Caused by two serious reasons. The first reason is the rapid development of technology, the emergence of various new products – gadgets and their affordable price.

The second important reason for the prevalence of nomophobia abroad is a huge amount of advertising, which imposes a need for a person to purchase a new phone, tablet or smartphone.

As for the gender distinction among people suffering from nomophobia, most of them are, surprisingly, women. Such a strong craving for means of communication among the fair sex is explained by their strong impressionability and increased responsibility. Men are less dependent on their obligations about calls – representatives of the stronger sex are less often called back, even if they promised to do this, and they are not waiting for calls promised to them too much.

Naturally, a logical question arises – is it possible to cure nomophobia? The answer is simple – of course, you can, like any other phobia, but for this you need to contact a psychotherapist specialist. Modern doctors of this specialty already possess certain techniques that allow to cure this disease.

What is nomophobia

But it certainly will not be possible to recover from nomophobia in one session – for this you may need several sessions. There will be several weeks, after which you will feel a significant relief of your condition – you will not have a painful dependence on your gadget, you will delight you with the world around you, and communication with real people will give you a great and true joy.

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