What are patchwork clothing clothes

In recent years, many well -known clothing designers began to be taken to the catwalks of fashion models representing clothes in the style of patchwork. For those who do not know – we explain – clothes in this style are literally sewn from shreds and therefore looks bright and unusual. This is very fashionable now. But, you must admit that not every woman will agree to have such clothes in their wardrobe, because not all representatives of the fair sex imagine all the features of clothing made in the technique of patchwork. In this regard, it makes sense to devote a separate article to this and talk about how to choose and wear clothes in the style of patchwork correctly.

Clothing in the style of patchwork

As we have previously noticed, such clothes will certainly attract attention due to its originality. From which, of course, it follows that things made in the technique of patchwork cannot be represented in a business suit or in an ensemble for any solemn or serious event. This must always be remembered.

And what style can things in the style of patchwork include? In this matter, stylists have no consensus, although, nevertheless, they are more inclined to the idea that this is a casual style, that is, everyday style. In this regard, it becomes clear that such clothes are more suitable for home, for walking outside the city, for relaxing in the country or going to nature or to the beach. Also in such clothes you can walk with children or deal with them in the fresh air.

When choosing clothes made of shreds, do not forget that, given that these things themselves are bright, they are more suitable for young girls than mature ladies. Although, of course, there are exceptions to any rule, especially if a woman aged was able to maintain a slender figure. After all, it is no secret that such clothes, that is, clothes from separately taken color elements, will visually add extra pounds any female figure.

By the way, it looks very good in the style of patchwork. Halats, pajamas and night shirts of shreds look great in a home environment on women of all ages.

What are patchwork clothing clothes

What is the best to combine clothes in the style of patchwork? This is another question that probably worries many modern girls and women. The answer to this question is quite simple – given that patchwork clothes are too bright in itself, all other wardrobe items should be dim. Accessories are best chosen wooden or plastic – jewelry for gold or silver will not be in harmony with such clothes. It is advisable to select the shoes in the tone of clothing. And even the hairstyle and makeup in this case should not be too bright and elaborate so that the image is not overloaded.

By the way, when creating folklore style items, patchwork is often used quite often. Of course, sometimes this is just a finish, but, nevertheless, it is such a decoration that gives the highlight to the whole costume.

If you think that things made in the style of the patchwork are very expensive and you can’t afford it, then you are mistaken. We hasten to please you – such products from shreds can be made even at home, and they will look no worse, if not even better than industrial. And, moreover, it will be an exclusive product that is available only.

Clothing in the style of patchwork

If you know how to sew or knit at least a little, then it will not be difficult for you to make yourself some fashionable little thing in the style of patchwork. To do this, you will first need to make shreds or tie separate patterns on the knitting needles, and then, according to the pattern, combine them in the product. Those fashionistas who know how to crocheted can be recommended for themselves from separate motives summer shirts or topics, which will certainly come in handy on sultry summer days. By the way, in the style of patchwork, you can make not only clothes, but also things for the home – these can be blankets, blankets, tablecloths, napkins or tacks.

So, as you see, the manufacture of things from shreds is a huge scope for creativity. Create, try, fantasize, become a clothing designer for yourself – and you will always look fashionable, bright and modern.

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