What is the house management for flyled

A modern woman is forced to live at a crazy pace – work, study, husband, children, home, kitchen, but I want to leave time for myself – meetings with friends, beloved hobbies, leaving for herself … But how to manage everything, given that the week of everything 7 days? It turns out that the answer has long been invented, and the name of Flylady, which is translated into Russian literally means “flying housewife”, synonyms for this concept have already been invented by our Russian hostesses who have already adapted to organize life and personal time in accordance with the basic principles of the system, and call themselves themselves “Inspired, light, reactive” housewives.

What is the house management for flyled

The main purpose of the Flyled system is an effective struggle against chaos, and a clear adherence to its principles helps to restore order not only in everyday life, but also in personal life, since it teaches a competent organization and the use of its own time.

So, you need to start with cleaning, and you need to move in small steps – a certain set of actions daily, and not like most of us are used to it – general cleaning once a month that takes all the weekends and tires for the next week.

What is the house management for flyled

At first, it may seem to you that the result is absent, but acting in this way every day, you can achieve amazing successes.

The main principles of Flyledia:

Diary is what will help you not only in career growth, but also in systematizing household chores, it is especially indispensable at the initial stage. You must keep a control log for yourself in the form that will be convenient – it can be a notebook, notebook or laptop, but do not forget to set a new small target for every day, it is better to paint your actions for a week in advance. Be sure to note the result, what you really did and how much time you spent on it.

Zoning is the basis of cleaning the house, divide the entire space of the apartment into separate zones, for example, the bedroom – zone 1, corridor and bathroom – zone 2. Please note that the zones should not be too extensive, since the cleaning of each zone is 15 minutes of your time, one weekday – one cleaning area. Put the timer, connect the household, turn on the music – but give active cleaning every day for no more than 15 minutes, because the basic rule of flirty – cleaning the house, like leaving itself – should bring joy and take a minimum of personal time.

Problem places – what requires daily control, these include particularly cluttered places in the house, where you and your relatives are not shy about throwing all unnecessary or trinkets used during the day, for example, this is a shelf for keys in the corridor, or a coffee table in the living room. Enjoy everyone to return the things taken to their seats at once, and not save them all week. By the way, a similar point is the sink in the kitchen – pay special attention to it – never leave unwashed dishes, remove everything immediately after eating, set the dishes of dishes, but do not wait for the weekend, the sink should always be clean!

What is the house management for flyled

Routines-this is the name of the Fly-hosts system of daily household chores and worries, they need to be planned, they have to pay attention, and you need to do this every day, so as not to postpone them for later, when the long-awaited weekend occurs, and the competent housewife should devote them only to your beloved and your relatives and friends.

And the last, no less important rule – real flyled should contain not only the house, but yourself, so without regret, get rid of the dirty robe and trampled slippers, even at home you should always look as if you are waiting for guests from a minute to minutes. Laziness is an unfamiliar concept, because on day a day, making the same actions to create comfort in the house and the support of the perfect appearance, the lady’s Flya reaches perfection in everything.

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