What is CC-cream

What is SS Cream? Promotion of your brand, attracting new customers or really something new in the cosmetic industry. As the manufacturers of this cream themselves say, SS Cream is the next generation of explosive creams.

BB-cream has care functions, but still it is more decorative cosmetics. And the SS Cream already completely complements the explosive cream, as it is fully caring for the skin. All this is due to the content of nutrients in a cream.

What is SS cream

Will it really be as effective as it is described by manufacturers from Asia. They present SS Cream in this way:

Universal tonality, without a whitening effect.

Smooth skin of the face is visually noticeable.

The skin shines, but there is no oily shine.

The skin is not oily, the structure of the cream is light.

The skin is powered and restored.

High resistance of the cream.

As always, excellent protection against ultraviolet rays.

The new SS Cream will be easier in its texture, not as fat as explosive cream. Therefore, the SS Cream should be most suitable for people with oily skin. The new cream in its composition will have more water, respectively, it will be suitable even for a very dry climate. SS Cream is specially created in such a way as to avoid gray tone and so that the skin looks more natural. SS-cream, unlike the BB-cream, will also have the healing properties, since its composition will contain vitamin C (for radiance and bleaching of the skin), vitamin E (to protect against aging, to preserve the skin fatty), White tea (thanks to antioxidants, the skin is protected from the action of negative environmental factors), green tea extract (perfectly disinfects and relieves skin inflammation), sea water (to moisturize the skin), hyaluronic acid (to get rid of wrinkles, to increase skin elasticity), mineral powder (for the possibility of using all types of skin), macadamia oil (to preserve the youth of the skin), aloe juice (has a bactericidal, nutritious and anti -inflammatory effect on the skin).

From all that has been said, we can conclude that SS Cream is an excellent skin coating with a light structure, a natural tone, nutrition and moisture.

What is SS cream

The prices for the SS Cream are quite acceptable. To date, the most popular brands for the production of such creams are CC Cream IFiona and Rachel Kun CC Cream.

The Chinese company IFiona produces a set, which consists of four creams of this series. Creams are produced in tubes of red, pink, blue and orange colors.  According to their description, these are just miraculous creams.  They have healing, whitening and moisturizing properties. In their composition they have chamomile, vitamins E, C, soybean extract, aloe and other plants.

The next manufacturer for creating a SS Cream made of Singapore (new on the market) is called Rachel K Mineral Cosmetics. Unlike the Fionian cream, it will also contain EFG and IGF components. They serve to accelerate the processes of skin restoration, to develop collagen. Mineral is a mica as a filler as a mineral base.

Another manufacturer of the SS Cream Roseannetangrs. The cream of this brand is characterized as very light in texture, the skin has a matte appearance, does not have a gray submuton (natural pink), and also that a lot of stickiness is important.

And, of course, the well-known brand of Chanel also produces a SS Cream called Complete Correction Cream.

What is SS cream

In general, SS Cream is a very pleasant novelty for girls. This cream can replace the foundation and corrector. Has many useful properties. For example, matches the skin well, masks facial irregularities. Very good for a hot season. For winter and autumn, it is better to use BB cream.

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