What is the technology of bulk floors?

Thanks to modern technologies, specialists have a wonderful opportunity to work miracles.

Many would ask the question of what exactly could be so surprising in the flooring? Everything is very simple.

Today you can turn the floor in the bathroom into a real aquarium, and in the hallway to pass the path that will lead your guests into the fabulous country. All this is real thanks to modern design technologies that can be used not only in your house or apartment, but also in the office and in the shopping center.

What is the technology of bulk floors?

She has no slightest connection with the image on the TV. Drawings can be compared with the work of masters who create masterpieces, drawing on the asphalt coating of the picture in 3D format.

If we consider this concept from the technical side, then this is a polymer gender of different types of structures. For its production, they use:


Epoxy resins with additives;


False floor application technique

On top of the base, it is necessary to apply a pattern. Then it must be covered with a special polymer coating.

Types of bulk floors

Depending on the type of design, experts distinguish 4 main types:



Paul with patterns;

Paul with fillers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each surface has its advantages and disadvantages. Bulk floors are no exception.

Advantages of laying a bulk floor:

Wear resistance;



Fire resistance;




A long time for the production of material;



Since this material can be used in various rooms, it is characterized by numerous features. Speaking about the bathroom, in this room the bulk floor shows such a feature as water resistance, which cannot be dispensed with. Speaking about the hallway, in this case, the wear resistance is important: both the floor will not be damaged, and surprise the guests with an unusual design decision. Speaking about the kitchen – here the main role is played by hygiene – if you dropped something, you can instantly remove it or wipe it. The living room of the bulk floor will give spectacularity.

In addition, it should be remembered that, using the technology of bulk floors, you can use both the whole drawing and its fragment.

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