What is the black decoration of the room

Repair in new housing always begins with a black decoration of all rooms. Naturally, the main goal of such decoration is to create perfectly even surfaces. It must be remembered that the quality of the design depends on the quality of the draft. Based on this, its impeccable implementation is an extremely important moment during the entire repair.

In addition, the black finish includes electrical work, until the start of which you need to decide on the place of placement of sockets and switches. You also need to think about how to bring the wire to electrical appliances. As a rule, wires should hide in special channels or corrugations.

Now you can start the very decoration of the walls. Professionals conditionally divide this process into two stages: sheathing and plaster. The surface of the walls can be aligned with solutions, which are divided into several types, namely, into primers, putty and plaster.

Enough often, the use of all three types of solutions is observed. The thing is that each house is characterized by its own characteristics, based on which you have to choose draft finishing materials. But we must remember that the quality of the repair depends on the correct choice of these materials, which is why, we must listen to the advice of specialists.

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