What should be taken into account when laying a parquet

Humidity in the room where the parquet will not exceed 60%, and the air temperature is at least 10 degrees. Professionals advise holding parquet boards in the room for about a week, all so that they adapt to the moist characteristics of the room. Using self -leveling mixtures, it is necessary to level your gender. As a result, the base for laying parquet should meet some requirements: the surface should be as even as possible, the minimum height of not more than 2 mm per 2 meters long, the absence of voids.

On the base, in advance covered with mastic or glue, the plywood plywood is placed in a thick quality of at least 12 mm plywood sheets. You can also use dowels and attach plywood to them, for greater strength. The adhesive base dries for one week, then you need to polish the plywood sheets to remove building garbage and unevenness.

Next, we move on to the question of interest to us how to properly put parquet boards. This is done as follows, at the rate of one minute one parquet board. I use a rubber hammer, knock out each element. Do not forget, the gaps between the elements of the parquet should be absent. The distance between parquet boards and the wall should be 10-15 mm.

To determine the voids, in about an hour you need to tap each bar with a rubber hammer. Put some press on top of the element if you still find voids.

How glue hardens the surface of the parquet is polished. You can close small cracks on the surface of the parquet using parquet dust, which remained after grinding. After the parquet is primed and covered with varnish, at least three layers. Advise not to ventilate the room for a week.

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