What experienced investors advise when buying real estate

Large purchase – always responsibility. Now, when the situation in the market is not pleasing with stability, one simple recommendation is especially important: the more significant the future acquisition, the more important both the quality of the product and the trust in the seller and the manufacturer.

When buying real estate, this means that it is not enough to choose an apartment in a comfortable area and with an acceptable price. It will also be useful to visit a new building to see firsthand how to actively conduct construction, see if the developer of the selected residential complex has already commissioned facilities, whether all documents for construction are in the order.

It is better to give an advantage to those developers who work in a city or village in the suburbs – which means that the developer is aware of what is happening in the city, knows it and appreciates it. In Brovary, for example, there is such a company – “Alliance Novobud”.

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