What to put in front of the sofa

The sofa is perhaps the main subject of the interior of the living room. But, standing separately from other furniture, it looks like a piece of wood, upholstered in a cloth. When you sit on the couch, I want to put a magazine somewhere or put a mug with tea. Therefore, before him you just need to put something.

Coffee table

The very first option that comes to mind. They are released any size and shapes. The classic table has a glass countertop, it can also be made of whole wood or metal.

The coffee table needs to be chosen in accordance with the proportions of the room and the sofa, before which it will stand. In the large living room, a small, neat table will look strange, as well as a heavy table made of dark wood in a small room.

In order to determine the size and shape of the table, you need to put a piece of paper in front of the sofa. If necessary, it is cut or added. With the dimensions obtained go to the store for buying.

And, of course, a lot depends on the sofa itself. So, for example, the corner sofa will create a cozy atmosphere and is more suitable for a small room, in addition, corner sofas are inexpensive and it will be cheaper than a set of sofa + armchairs.


Combines a coffee table with a soft top of the ottoman. It is so convenient to fold your legs on him, sitting on the couch. As a rule, the soft top throws back, leaving an ordinary countertop on top.

Big Takhta (Ottoman)

Being very convenient, the ottha often takes its honorable place in front of the sofa. In fact, Ottomanka is a large soft bench.

A couple of tables

Two small square tables set next to each other give the living room a more formal look. You can also use tables of different sizes if their countertops are located on the same level.

Old dining table

He will fit perfectly into the living room. Of course, you will have to file a little legs, but a large surface is perfect for different purposes: games, doing homework, etc.D.

There are many options. The main thing is that this piece of furniture is strong and with the correct proportions. In this case, it will last a long time and add comfort to the living room.

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