What are nets for reinforcing concrete

For cracks, the formation of which occurs in the cement mass at various stages of its hardening, over time tend to acquire a break, manifested in qualitative changes in flooring and road surface coatings. This problem is now easily solved by using special grids and gratings that are designed to reinforce concrete. The design of such a lattice/mesh is an effective protection against cracking in all mixtures that have a natural shrinkage: in mixtures consisting of sand, anhydrides, calcium, gypsum, etc.P. With repeated use of traditional metal grilles for reinforcing concrete, their convenience is reduced when used. Such nets can also be reinforced plaster and gypsum stucco molding.

Today are widely used nets that have rectangular cells. In the manufacture of these cells, polypropylene is used, while it undergoes a special extrusion process, as a result of which the net becomes high -strength and flexible.

In addition, such a lattice acquires lightness and flexibility, it also has an increase in the exceptional limit for the gap strength. Similar nets/lattices

They differ in simplicity in use, chemical inertia, increased elasticity module and great geometric stability.

Such a lattice is well used in secondary reinforcement of concrete in buildings of large areas – gymnastic halls, sports grounds, warehouses, etc.D. They use it in small work – restoration, creation of sidewalks, passages, coatings of steep slopes of inputs and outputs.

By the way, nets, which are characterized by special lightness and flexibility, are completely cut, bending and adaptation to the necessary geometric form.

You can also use them in rooms where the conditions of an increased aggressive environment are observed, therefore they are used to restore walls, new sewers, bridges, water utilities, and some works with prefabricated construction panels.

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