Which annoys users of social networks the most

Virtual communication in recent years has more and more replaces real meetings and even phone calls. Indeed, the temptation is so great to tell “in secret to the whole world” in the next post of blog or on the page of the social network.

Which annoys users of social networks the most

It comes to the point that some users are not able to fully feel the joy of a particular event in their lives if they cannot share it with their virtual friends and at the same time with everyone who accidentally looks to them “to visit”. Putting the photos, describing in detail how the vacation or another family celebration has passed, they expect response and congratulations from virtual “Frends”.

Of course, not every Internet user is in a hurry to talk about something personal. Some prefer to discuss political events, someone shares news in fashion and design, someone is trying to reflect on philosophical and esoteric problems.

And, of course, they do it with varying degrees of taste and talent. Blogs and posts of some cause admiration for the depth of statements, the sparkling of humor or the accuracy of comments. Materials of another user can cause an attack of such severe irritation that you want, at best, to quickly close his notes, and in the worst – to say frankly everything that comes to mind. And these statements will sometimes be quite harsh and categorical.

What kind of records in the news feed most often evoke such feelings?


As a rule, the negative reaction of virtual friends is caused by posts and statuses in which the user praises all ways … It is not so important that.

Boasting in social. networks

This can be the next purchase, photographed in all angles, and a report on a successful vacation, written in the key “you never dreamed of!”, And just statements about your successful and happy family life and their own success.


However, the user’s constant complaints of life also cause a negative reaction of readers. An eternally dull and displeased look is also not welcomed not only at its life, but also at the surrounding reality in general.

Complaints in social. networks


Posts telling that their author did 10 more exercises today than yesterday and lost another 200 g also annoy other users. Constantly repeating records of such content will make many delete your diary from their fighting tapes, of course, if virtual friends are not the same fans of a healthy lifestyle as you yourself.

“Dialogues about animals”

Oddly enough, users who are too often posting photos of their fluffy, birds or other favorites belonging to the animal world are also not very complained.

Perhaps most readers are not very interested in contemplating the same cat, which is photographed day after day in different poses and angles.

Multicages and variability

Users who love to change statuses on social networks and avatars too often do not love too much. Perhaps they see people of inconsistent and non -trusting.

What is worth writing on a social network

Before answering this question for yourself, you need to understand: for what and for whom do you place posts on your pages. How important to you is how your statements will be appreciated by people with whom you may not be familiar in real life and, most likely, never meet? If their opinion is really significant for you, in this case, take into account their tastes and views and edit your notes in accordance with them.

Which annoys users of social networks the most

Or maybe your page is something akin to the diary and archive of important photos, documents and records for you personally. In this case, you should not put its contents for public display, make it available only to those who will be as interesting as you will be as interesting as you (close to real friends, relatives). And, perhaps, this kind of records are better to click from the review?

And you should not be offended by virtual friends who suddenly stopped commenting on your notes: perhaps you write that they are not at all interested, but they do not want to offend you with their negative statements?

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