What to bring from Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Every year, thousands of tourists rush here, but each of them has different goals. Someone travels through the pages of history and finds in Amsterdam the monuments of architecture of the gloomy Middle Ages, someone is engaged in tasting delicious Dutch cheeses.

What to bring from Amsterdam

Young people go to the capital to taste complete freedom and see how people live who can almost everything. But any of the tourists, except for impressions in the heart and on the map of the camera’s memory, seeks to take a piece of Holland with him, and in addition to please relatives and friends with funny souvenirs.

In Amsterdam, as in all of Holland, marijuana is legalized and restrictions in inter -sexual relations were removed. Enterprising locals calmly relate to such things and are slightly laughing at tourists, offering souvenirs of the most frivolous content. Of course, such a gift can be handed to a friend only in case of complete confidence that he will understand and appreciate the joke.

But mom or beloved grandmother is better to find something else. Surely they will evaluate a gift in which there will be flower bulbs. The title of tulips has long been entrenched in Holland, there are many varieties of these amazing plants.

Bulbs are sold almost everywhere: in small shops and large parks. The best purchases are made in the largest flower market blumpark. It is only important to pack the bulbs well and hand over the luggage during the flight, in order to avoid misunderstandings with the valiant authorities.

What to bring from Amsterdam

You can please relatives and friends with delicious souvenirs. Such cheese that is produced here in the world is no longer. Gauda and Edam are the most popular solid varieties. But a big delicacy will be goat cheese, sharp or with caminet. Local juniper vodka will be appreciated by colleagues for work, the beautiful half of the team will rejoice in chocolate figures in the form of mills (another attraction of Holland).

And another national souvenir can be noted, these are clouds. Shoes hollowed out of wood were very popular with local peasants a couple of centuries ago. And now they are happy to buy tourists from around the world.

Amsterdam’s clly learned to make all the tastes, they are still made of wood, only the palette of size is wide. From shoes that are ready for wear by any person, to small souvenirs, in the form of magnets, key fob, pendants.

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