Why are non -bore materials and crushed stone valuable? About repairs

Crushed stone has been used in construction for a very long time. It is an artificial material with unaccounted sharp grains, which are obtained after crushing the rock, artificial stones or large natural gravel. It is granite, limestone, gravel. Crushed stone is divided into fractions with a dawn. The surface of the grains of gravel is rough, has an acute -angle shape, so it sets well with a cement mortar in the manufacture of concrete.

On the basis of such products, you can pour the floor in the room, use such a technology as a dry screed and much more, but the main question where to find crushed stone at competitive prices is that you and the company’s specialists who can carry out the repair or construction of the house should already look for this.

It is mainly used in road construction and as an aggregate of concrete mixture.

Concrete – building material that is obtained in the process of hardening the mixture of cement, as a binder, special aggregates and water. Sometimes concrete may contain additives.

Small aggregates are artificial and natural sand. Before use, the sand is washed so that dust and foreign particles do not worsen the properties of concrete. Sand grains should be up to 5 mm in size. Artificial sand is obtained after crushing heavy rock. It is important to determine the quality of the sand, which depends on its density, humidity and module of size. It is also important to know the shape of the grains of sand and its roughness. The condition of the sand should meet the requirements of a certain GOST.

The second component of the concrete mixture is a large aggregate, which is used by artificial or natural crushed stone. Grandfish should be from 5 to 70 mm.

The introduced additives improve the quality of the concrete mixture, improve its operational and technical indicators.

The main properties of concrete are: the ability to maintain the uniformity of the mixture during unloading and transportation, as well as homogeneity and ability to retain water. The concrete should mix well, but at the same time have resistance to stratification and water separation.

Why are non -bore materials and crushed stone valuable?

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