How much is the cost of Pechersk apartments?

Housing exclusively for the rich has become more affordable.

All the inhabitants of the metropolitan region, yes, probably all of Ukraine, are known that Pechersk is an elite residential array. This unwritten true is also known to those who have never been in Kyiv before. Similar trends have formed historically. It is in this area that a large number of various government institutions are located. In addition, a huge number of architectural monuments, museums and all kinds of galleries are found on the territory of Pechersk. Several leaves could be spent on listing all of them at once, but it can undoubtedly say that Pechersk is a real cultural center of Ukraine, and the location of a huge number of office premises also led to the affiliation of this region to the business center.

It is noteworthy that the dynamics of changes in prices for the last year in the territory of the Pechersk region is extremely negative – a total decrease in the value of residential real estate objects is observed, only over the past period last year, prices here fell by more than 10 percent of more than 10 percent. On the territory of the microdistrict, the vast majority of apartments are Khrushchevs and Stalinks, which account for 188 houses. The number of new buildings in the territory of Podarsk does not exceed 14 percent, which corresponds to 14 percent of all residential real estate objects. The average cost of one square meter of residential real estate in the district is about 2.75 thousand American dollars. The cost of the hotels as a whole over a year fell by more than 7 percent, the cost of two -room adjacent apartments fell by more than 14 percent of. Here are just the number of such offers in the territory of Pechersk there is a limited number, therefore, the cost of apartments and their conditioning is individual. The most expensive apartments of Pechersk, the fall in the cost of which exceeded more than 30 percent, became most. The average value of a square meter of residential real estate for this period is about 3.45 thousand American dollars, while a year earlier this cost was about 5.13 thousand dollars. Here are only often such houses belong to elite real estate.

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