Why is it useful to eat tomatoes

Tomatoes, tomatoes, “golden apples” – as do not call the fruits usual for us, the benefits of them are undeniable, although when the tomatoes were initially brought to Russia, they were considered extremely harmful to health, and only decorative plants were bred as decorative plants. Now no one will argue about the taste properties of tomatoes – they are consumed fresh, pickled for the winter, make juice from them, modern cooking without tomatoes was completely different, and our health without a huge stock of vitamins and nutrients contained in ripe fruits , would have lost a lot.

Why is it useful to eat tomatoes

Turning to the composition of tomatoes, it is worth highlighting a large amount of fiber, natural glucose, pectin, lycopene and xanthofill – natural dyes, tomatoes and organic acids, starch, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, among the main vitamins contained in tomatoes can be distinguished by vitamin A – Karotin, vitamins of group B, E and C. What are so rich in composition tomatoes for our health, why they must be regularly eaten?

Improving digestion: like many vegetables, tomatoes help improve metabolism and absorption of food in the digestive tract. Tomato juice helps with reduced acidity, which accompanies exacerbations of gastritis, increases appetite and removes toxins.

Why is it useful to eat tomatoes

Strengthening the immune system: High content of vitamin C and A in tomatoes helps to strengthen immunity, one fresh tomato will allow you to replenish the reserve in vitamin C almost half of the daily need, and Lycopen helps to fight stressful situations and stabilizes the emotional background.

Prevention of oncological diseases: cleansing, bactericidal and antioxidant effects of tomatoes is provided by a special substance – lycopen, and with heat treatment the amount of lycopene in tomatoes only increases.

The fight against anemia: with a deficiency of iron in the body, it will be useful to drink 2 glasses of freshly squeezed tomato juice daily, because it contains natural iron, which absorbs the body well.

Why is it useful to eat tomatoes

Natural weight loss: the cleansing and saturating effect of tomatoes makes them a popular product, which helps to lose extra pounds without harm to health, by the way, tomato juice removes excess cholesterol and normalizes the liver function.

Healthy leather and veins: tomatoes can be consumed not only for food, but also to use the pulp for the preparation of home cosmetic masks and ointments, for example, a good effect is achieved with swelling, burns, venous circulatory disorders, in combating negative effects of ultraviolet rays and signs of skin aging.

Protection against cardiovascular diseases: potassium and magnesium, contained in fresh fruits, helps to fight hypertension, strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

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