Why plastic windows are pernicious for health?

The first window structures made of metal -plastic appeared on the market about half a century ago. Then they were a simple structure of metal, sheathed PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The first designs have established themselves as practical, simple and reliable windows. And as a result, their production on an industrial scale began. The first, experimental windows were sheathed with half -dead PVC, the subsequent samples were sheathed with gesture types of this material. Due to the use of windows and metal in the design of windows, it was possible to significantly extend the service life of window systems. The requirements for metal -plastic windows today are quite high. Window manufacturers try to meet these requirements. The most important role in the design of any plastic window is certainly played by double -glazed windows. This component of the window gives us the opportunity to use metal -plastic structures even in the most rigid climatic conditions. For the manufacture of metal -plastic windows, a variety of, often unexpected materials are used. The need for their application is due to high requirements for PVC windows.

Modular windows

Such a window is the basis (frame), on which several sastels are strengthened. The modular window is a window that has ceased to be a monolithic. Each of the modules can be easily replaced if necessary, the installation of such a design and fasteners to the walls of the building is also not a complex process. The number and parameters of the modules can be selected in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Plastic windows integrated into the structure

Such a window implies not only a glazed hole in the wall, but also a kind of remote control for housing. Rosettes, switches, various electronic devices for managing housing are easily built into such a window. If desired, you can install heating devices or parts of the lighting system in the window.

Universal installation

The third direction in the market of plastic window systems, which is especially actively developing today, is a search for methods of universal installation of window systems. Experts try to find this option for installing windows that will be as simple and fast as possible, while providing good operational qualities of any PVC of the window, even the largest. Without a doubt, this method will soon be found.

Preemptive possibilities of plastic windows

Unfortunately, not all potential consumers know how practical and easy to operate windows of metal -plastic. To maintain windows in good condition, no effort is required, the same can be said about the appearance of the windows. Caring by the windows has now become not only simple, but also safe. Self -cleaning glass played an important role in the problem of windows. Outwardly they are no different from simple glass. Self -cleaning glass is covered with a layer of transparent substance, which attracts water to itself, thereby removing dust from the surface of the glass. In addition, such spraying protects glass from mechanical damage. Another innovation that will be a pleasant surprise for consumers is energy -saving windows. Often, a single -chamber double -glazed window of an energy -saving window is able to provide more reliable thermal insulation than a 2 -chamber package of a conventional window structure. The secret of such amazing effectiveness lies in the fact that arg is present between the glasses. The density of this gas is greater than the density of the air, so it is able to provide reliable thermal insulation. The design of energy -saving windows weighs an order of magnitude less than a regular window. For people who have weak immunity, windows have been developed that protect the room from bacteria. Silver ions are applied to the surface of this design, they kill harmful organisms, preventing them from penetrating the room.

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