Why the pipes are clean? | – drilling wells on the water and make your well so that you do not depend on anyone. The drilling of wells is produced only by professionals, as it requires certain skills and skills. Only proven people work for. Every 3 months they undergo a test, which allows you to understand whether it is possible to trust this person with such a difficult job. In Moscow, offers the most affordable price for drilling wells.

In addition, in “Technical standards for the development and implementation of gas supply systems”, approved by the Minister of Economics and Trade No. 58/2004, published in the official messenger of Romania, part I, No. 173-BIS of February 27, 2004.

Reception of gas pipes and devices into operation only after the client shows proof no older than 30 days, checking and cleaning the pipes from clogging.

… In addition, in the Technical Code of the Natural Gas Sector, approved by the Decree of the President of the AnrGN No. 616 of June 10, 2002 – published in the official messenger of Romania, part I, No. 438 of June 24, 2002 in accordance with Article 5.2 and 5.4 We have a number of innovations.

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