Why Tobolsk is called the pearl of Siberia

The city, founded in 1587, played a crucial role in the formation of our state. It was Tobolsky who began to grow Russian land. Now he is the “spiritual capital” of the whole of Siberia.

Why Tobolsk is called the pearl of Siberia

The story of Tobolsk is unusually rich and saturated. For more than a hundred years he was the capital of Siberia, including a huge space from the Urals to the Far East. The city was a key point connecting Europe with Central Asia and China. Great silk and tea roads passed through Tobolsk. And every educated man of that time knew that in Russia there are three capitals of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tobolsk.

Since the city played such an important and key importance for Russia, this gave an impetus for its rapid development. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the city was the largest cultural, educational and spiritual center of Siberia. The first and only Kremlin made of stone is still in Siberia is in Tobolsk. The first Siberian theater was built here, the first school was opened, the first magazine was published. There was even its own small seal of the Russian state. It all started with Tobolsk.

The city is now considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Trans -Urals. This concentration of historical monuments of culture, perhaps, can no longer boast of any city. Great people who glorified Russia throughout the world were born, lived and created here. Such as Mendeleev, Perov, Grabovsky Alyabyev, Ershov-the author of the fairy tale “Horse-Bank” were born here (however, artist Alexander Abdulov known to us). In Tobolsk were in exile Dostoevsky, Chernyshevsky and Korolenko.

The city is also called the open -air museum. So many interesting things, everything breathes history around.

Why Tobolsk is called the pearl of Siberia

He is one of the three main centers of Orthodoxy in Russia. The symbol of the city is undoubtedly a stone Kremlin. Recently restored, it majestically stands on the high bank of the Irtysh.

Modern Tobolsk develops very violently as a large center of tourism.

Why Tobolsk is called the pearl of Siberia

Many monuments of history, culture, magnificent natural landscapes, harmoniously intertwined with the modern city and modern attractions. Tobolsk is still a student city, since there are many different educational institutions and young people study from all over the country and the CIS countries. So the city is youth.

Tobolsk is a monument city.

Why Tobolsk is called the pearl of Siberia

It includes over three hundred cultural and historical attractions (with a population of 140 thousand inhabitants, of which several thousand are students). From this number – 16 churches of the cathedral, monastery and parish.

Due to its rich history, which has been preserved to this day, the development of a tourist destination, a rapidly developing modern youth city, Tobolsk is still considered a pearl of Siberia.

And it is true.

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