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Sooner or later, but there comes a moment when it is necessary to replace the mixer. At the moment, a wide range of such products is presented in retail chains, so it is not always easy for the consumer to decide in his choice. In order to purchase exactly the mixer that is most suitable for installation in a particular case, it is necessary to take into account the features of the classification of modern mixers.

First of all, all Zorg mixers can be divided into monk, two-welfare and fuel mixers. The most popular, at the moment, are single -leaf mixers. Such a product is characterized by ease of installation, which can even be carried out by a person almost inexperienced in the area of ​​plumbing, as well as the ease of operation. To turn on the supply of water, adjusting the power of the water jet and its temperature, a enough light movement of the hand.

Two -cavalry mixers, sometimes called a “Christmas tree”, are a classic version. In order to mix water with their help, it is necessary to alternately adjust the amount of cold and hot water supplied. This process is sometimes more laborious, but the result is more accurate.

The thermostatic type mixers are effective when installing in houses where hot water temperature drops are constantly observed. The design of such products provides for their equipment with several handles, which allow you to quite accurately set the necessary water temperature and save it for subsequent inclusions.

Mixers differ in other signs. So, according to the type of installation, built -in and wall mixers are distinguished. In the area of ​​application, mixers for washbasin, for a bath, for a bidet, for showers and for the kitchen are produced.

To this it is necessary to add that the faucets can have the most different coating, the most popular of which is currently chrome.

But if, for example, to consider the products of the Czech Zorg brand, then its mixers are made with stainless steel coating, chromium, in the form of enamel to the color of granite sinks, with a copper and bronze coating. It should also be noted a feature of the combined (two in one) Zorg mixers, which consists in combination in one feed product of both drinking and tap water.

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