Glued beam

Production of glued beams is a time -consuming and rather complex process. This is a popular material with increased strength, resistance to fires, various microorganisms and high humidity.

The production of glued beams is carried out according to strictly defined norms for the conformity of European quality, with its constant control.

How is the manufacture of glued beam itself? At the first stage, the preparation of wood is carried out, the logs are dried, to a moisture content of 10%. After drying, the quality of wood occurs. Boards sent and fixes of flaws are spent in mini-ships, receive lamella, which, together with the boards, is strict. At the second stage, the boards and lamellas are sent to the glued machines. With which glue is applied to them, to which one of the most stringent requirements are presented. Usually glued from two to six lamellas. After the lamella and the boards enter the press, where the beam is made under the given pressure. At the final stage, a coating that serves as an antiseptic and protecting from fire is applied to the beam. 25 ACA to increase moisture resistance and strength of the bars are crashed.

Currently, glued beam is increasingly gaining its turnover in the construction of buildings. If we compare it with its closest competitor, a round log, glued beam has high thermal insulation properties, fitness density and breathability. During the construction of houses from glued beams, additional funds are not required to finish the house. Glued beam will help your home preserve a unique home microclimate and ecology.

One of its main advantages is that the construction of such a house does not require special material costs. After all, for a ne does not need a foundation, and the walls are collected by the type of designer. Which also saves your time spent on construction.

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