Classification of the flooring.

The floor is designed to perceive the loads from the movement of people and withstand other operational loads. It can be arranged at the ceiling or on the intermediate layer. Paul have many classifications.Paul in a living room and in the production, according to the design of the coating, distinguish the floors of continuous, rolled and made of piece material.

Continuous floors are mainly made in industrial premises and can be made of colored solution with the addition of marble crumbs or from mastically – lacetite dispersion with the addition of all possible additives in the form of dusty and mineral dyes.

Rolled floors made of natural or synthetic linoleums or carpet coatings.

Piece floors – those made of wooden material, including artificial, from ceramic tiles, or stones of natural origin. If continuous floors are mainly manufactured in production facilities, although there are exceptions in the form of bulk floors, then the last two species are used in residential premises.

There is still a separation of sexual material in terms of thermal conductivity. Everyone heard such a name as “warm floors” and ‘cold floors “.

Typically, the floor has a name from the name of the material that is used to arrange the upper layer. There are a great many of these materials, while new materials that are not previously used are added annually, but the following floors are most famous: the gender is massive for its manufacture, a whole sexual rack is used, which is produced from wood. Parquet floor for its arrangement use various parquet material, natural origin. The laminated floor is a floor for arrangement, which uses artificial materials such as laminate. Linoleum floor – equipped with linoleum, both natural and produced from synthetic materials. Forms of carpet and cork are also known and many others that are simply impossible to list everything.

What gives the classification of floor materials to a simple user? Knowing the classification, it is easier to determine what material the material is made of, which will be used as the final layer of the floor, which means to study all its characteristics in advance.

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