Glued beam

Glued beam is characterized by environmental friendliness, frost resistance, strength, slight weight, ability to maintain optimal humidity in the room. The tree acts as a natural air conditioner, absorbing and giving moisture. The disadvantage of natural wood in construction is the shrinkage of the structure due to the evaporation of the part of the moisture contained in the fibers of the material. Glued material is deprived of this defect.

It is possible to prevent uneven drying of wood by cutting the beam into parts and subsequent gluing of the elements. Lamels are glued in a special order, deformation loads as a result are opposed to each other. Glued beam is highly stable of size, the precipitation of the structure does not exceed 1%. The decoration and installation of windows in the houses from the beam is performed after the assembly is completed.

The length of glued bars is not limited in production, difficulties can occur during transportation of finished products. The lack of internal stress in glued bars contributes to a significant increase in the strength of the products, when compared with whole logs.

For the manufacture of glued beam, the prepared tree trunk is cut into lamellas up to 75 mm thick. In the drying chamber, the humidity of the boards is reduced to 12%, while a special technology is observed to provide the same humidity over the entire surface of the material. Drying time is 2 weeks, then the boards should cool to natural temperature in the same chamber. Lamels are stored in special dry rooms so that the material does not absorb moisture from the air until gluing.

Dried boards are sorted, defective areas are cut out. To fet lamelles along the length on the ends, the gear profile is made. In the process of preliminary preparation, anti -drop and antiseptic treatment of lamellas is carried out. The last step in working with individual components is to calibrate and grind each board to ensure high accuracy of gluing parts.

Glue based on a harmless emulsion of polymerizocyanate is used as an adhesive composition, the polymerization of which occurs as a result of dehydration. Gluing is carried out under pressure from the press. The consequence of this technology of gluing is the material is more durable than the initial wood. The finished product is profiled to facilitate the assembly and connection of the crowns.

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