The production of glued beams in the Kirov region is engaged in Brus-NN. This fact is already considered a great advantage, since here the trees are not growing fast. Summer in these areas does not last long, which contributes to the fact that the annual rings of trees among themselves have a distance of 1-2mm.

Such bars have a high density that it is not possible to say about the trees that grow in the south. Glued beam that the company offers is more resistant to decay and does not rastble. In addition, this species has beautiful natural drawings and pleasant to the touch. For gluing such glued material, the company uses a special Akzonobel glue, and only high -class varieties of boards selects for production. Working with a beam-nn, each client can save in perfectly, as they offer high-quality glued beam at a low price. The company in the construction market is not so long ago, so so far it has no large number of regular customers, but already has a team of diverse specialists.

Experienced, specialists who quickly deliver your order to the necessary place and provide all services work here. The company specializes specifically in the sale of glued beams. As you know, if you focus in one direction of work, then there is more chance to succeed. Note that due to good sales, the team makes a profit, so the bearing-nn prices are the most competitive.As for the assortment of the material, it can be seen in the catalog where you can see the varieties and beautiful textures of glued beams. You can buy material immediately in online mode, just making an intuitive click.

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