Pros and cons of the construction of houses from foam blocks

Foam block is a well -known material for construction, which is made from

Foam concrete. Foam concrete is made: from ordinary sand, water, cement

solution, and foaming agent. Penoblock has a good one

fire resistance, not poor resistance to freezing, as well as

thawing. Construction of houses from this, well -known material, enough

Popular in the world, thanks to of course its pluses.

We turn

your attention to buy such building materials,

necessary only in specialized companies. It is there that you will buy

High -quality foam blocks at quite affordable prices. In addition, managers

firms will be able to help you in choosing and suggest which of the species is the most

Suitable for your construction.

The pluses of foam blocks

• price – inexpensive;

• weight – weigh little, so it is not necessary to build a powerful foundation;

• size – 600 × 200 × 300 mm, fit faster and cheaper than bricks;

• simply processed – not only with external, but also with

internal works, it is possible to easily hide both pipes and wiring;

• environmental material – no need to worry about health;

• the structure is porous, protects from frost, wind, provides not poor ventilation;

• Noise insulation.

Minor disadvantages of foam blocks

• strength – foam blocks are quickly damaged and broken, with ordinary

transportation, so the house can hardly be called durable (but this, depending on where

purchase building material);

• Porous structure – moisture is strongly absorbed;

• The construction of the house needs to be carried out only by the frame method.


build houses from foam blocks or not, only you. Do not forget that

It is important to choose only high -quality material that is necessary

Carefully double -check before buying. Turning to a large one

company, you will solve the issue with delivery. As a rule, all firms

offer to bring the building material to the right place for free.

Agree, this proposal is more than profitable for you, as for

developer. Moreover, in this case, you are guaranteed to receive

high -quality foam blocks with which nothing happened during


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