Preparation for laying parquet

Preparation for laying parquet

In any house, parquet is considered the most prestigious flooring. This material has long been used by many builders, so the correct laying of the parking lot takes an important place in the repair and construction of the house. That it is required to notice that the material is not deformed over time, as well as a coating that does not let in moisture. Especially during the purchase of the parquet, you need to pay attention to the coating (varnish). This material is considered durable and will remain in excellent condition for many years of use, and the chic color scheme will decorate any room.

Parquet is one of the most expensive building materials for flooring. The main feature of this parquet is that it is created from environmentally friendly materials and has high resistance to damage. Thus, this material has a long line of service and over time does not wear out like other coverage for the floor.

Mostly a board is used to cover the floor, consisting of three layers. The first layer is the quality varieties of wood processed by a special coating. The second layer is a board of coniferous varieties of wood, and the third layer consists of a coniferous veneer.

After all the materials were purchased, as well as the boy’s board herself needs to wait two days. During this time, it is required to clean the floor from various dirt and garbage. In general, to the cement. Then, ideally, a massive board is laid on a screed, and then a parquet. Parquet board on a flat surface will be especially high -quality.

During laying the parquet, it is required to lay a layer of substrates, most often used poethylene. The temperature and humidity in the room remains also motionless. The temperature in the room should be at least eighteen degrees per Celsius. And humidity is not more than 50-60%. These conditions are considered favorable for high -quality fists of the parquet board in the room.

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