Preparation of the facade for winter

In the winter, the terrace made of wood can very much suffer from changes in temperature, snow, rain, frost and wind. Fortunately, there are solutions to ensure the protection of wooden terraces in winter, so that with the advent of spring, the terrace looks beautiful and fresh. It is worth noting that if facade work require serious volumes, then welding inverters will be needed.

Stages of preparing the terrace for winter:

1) clear the courtyard. Dirt, sediment, dust decompose, and at the same time greatly destroy the wood. Immediately before winter, you need to fold and wash the surface of the terrace well. As a result, you reduce the volume of harmful substances that penetrate the wood and destroy it.

2) Do not forget to remove mold. Before winter, it is worth deleting all types of mold that form on a wooden terrace. Mold grows in cracks and, as a result, destroys the material from nutria.

You can also paint the wooden terrace. The harsh conditions of winter significantly affect the decoration of a wooden terrace. Therefore, after winter, there is a chance of partial detachment of paint, so it is advisable to apply the paint again.

It is allowed to use protective solutions that counteract moisture. These can be various water -repellent agents, which, perhaps, best protect the wooden terrace from winter mold and moisture.

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