Pros and cons of living in Spain

Many residents of Russia and neighboring countries would like to purchase their living area in warm countries. The choice of Russians often falls on Spanish real estate http: // Multifunctional.Center/Catalog/. Her warm climate, proximity to the sea and the presence of popular resorts attract attention. An additional advantage is a developed economy, as well as peace and measurement of life.

Pros of life in Spain

One of the main arguments in favor of the country is the climate. This place is ideal for those who want to leave frost. It is also worth noting that despite the resort status of the country, Spain has low real estate prices and low percentage on mortgage loans. This state is one of the five leaders in the quality of medicine and healthcare. In addition, it is worth highlighting a high level of education. For Russian -speaking people, a plus will be relative ease in learning the language. If you move to the countryside, an additional advantage will be living in a prosperous environmental environment.

The disadvantages of life in Spain

The Mediterranean climate, which was previously allocated as a plus, may be a disadvantage for someone. In Spain, a change of seasons is still felt. But taking into account the fact that in winter the temperature drops to +15 degrees, housing in Spain is rarely equipped with centralized heating. For this reason, it is cold in houses. In the summer, on the contrary, the heat pursues people. It is also worth noting not only the high quality of local medicine, but also its high cost.

The election of the country where you want to move to permanent residence should be treated with great responsibility: to weigh all the disadvantages and pluses, and only then decide to move.

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