The pros and cons of the construction of a private house with the involvement of

One of the frequently used methods of building a country house is the hiring of a brigade led by the manufacturer of work – foreman.

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During the construction of the house, a brigade, led by foreman, you have the opportunity to control the expenses, keep abreast of the promotion of all stages of work.

When building a country house with the help of a suburb and its brigade, saving on building materials is achieved through their acquisition at wholesale prices.

However, there are also disadvantages in this method of construction: there are times when such brigades, based on a greater extent on trusting relationships, can suddenly complete the construction of the facility, or, for example, the construction periods may be stretched, and the specifics of the brigade can be very one -sided. Conventional practice is the addition of gasification, power supply, drainage of the object to the customer.

It is also necessary to take into account with this method of work that the qualifications of many brigade workers involved in the heading team does not ultimately guarantee one hundred percent quality of quality in the constructed facility.

Thus, the construction of construction work with the involvement of the subserviment and its brigade is a good option, but taking into account the fact that if you did not initially declare high requirements for the quality of the house under construction. There is a high probability that a certain share of the work will not be done at a high level in quality, and for a lot you will have to overpay, since some technical tasks may necessarily go beyond the scope of the work usually performed by this team.

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