We do grounding for the network

Why is grounding, ask you. Exclusively for your own security! You don’t want to feel current on yourself during the operation of home electrical engineering. It is unpleasant. Best case scenario. In the worst, everything can end fatally for you ..

If your sockets are not equipped with ground, then let’s do it on our own.

Choosing a place for a grounding circuit. It can be installed directly outside the house in the ground, or inside the house in the basement, drilling holes under the contour in concrete.

The design of the circuit should also not cause difficulties. Select steel electrodes with a section of 150-200 kV. mm (at least 3 pieces) and dig them into the ground to a depth of 2 meters in the form of an equilateral triangle with a side of at least 1 meter. This depth is enough, t.to. In many areas, the earth is always raw deeper than a meter. Instead of electrodes, you can use steel pipes with a diameter of at least 30 mm. If the soil is hard, then the electrodes can be driven with a hammer.

Now the electrodes deepened into the ground must be connected with you by welding. If this is not possible, then you can use the connection on the bolts. Electrodes are welded together again using a steel rod or strip with a cross section of 50-150 kV.mm. Important: the whole structure should be entirely in the ground!

The final stage. We connect the conductor to the electrodes and pull it to the connection with the distribution shield. The cross -section of the conductor should not be a 16 square meter. mm for aluminum and 6 kV. mm for copper. Check – the resistance of high -quality grounding should be not a bond 4 oom. Now the grounded wire can be diluted from the shield through the sockets in the entire apartment.

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