We make a room out of the hallway

Strange, however, the hallway may well become a full -fledged room. If the apartment is small, the question arises acutely about the most rational use of the area of ​​the apartment.

This will be especially relevant for one -room apartments. The way out of this situation will be the transformation of the hallway into a full -fledged living room (with the exception of the smallest halls).

In the living room you can, sit comfortably, read a book or chat with guests. Competent arrangement of furniture in the hallway will bring functionality and convenience.

You can make a winter garden or unusual compositions using fountains in the hallway. When entering a similar apartment in the soul, it immediately becomes light. The hallway is, as it were, approaches nature in this way.

The functional areas, which can be divided into the hallway, will become: a zone for relaxation, for storing clothes, and to demonstrate unusual beautiful things. Properly delimiting the space, you can really use a place in the apartment functionally.

Even for the smallest apartment in Cherry, a small cabinet, a comfortable chair is suitable, and you can place a mirror on the cabinet door or inside it.

Furniture, more precisely, cabinets, for such small halls are selected high – for maximum use of space, light colors of furniture – light, use as much glass and mirrors as possible, increasing the volume of the hallway in such ways. Of the latest new products – the arrangement of the office in the hallway, placing a computer in the closet and installing a small chair.

Whatever the room is made of your hallway, the main thing is at the same time – your feeling of comfort and comfort. Remember that its decoration plays great importance.

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