What is a coypic coat and how it is worn

Even in the gloomy autumn time, all fashionistas, as before, I want to look stylish and beautiful, despite the dank rain and a cold wind. Knowing this, many fashionable clothing designers for the new autumn season always try to offer women something new. True, sometimes this new one turns out to be a well -forgotten old one – for example, it happened with a coat – a cape that became fashionable in this autumn season.

What is a coypic coat and how it is worn

It is possible that you still do not know about such an actual model of a coat, so we will devote this article to a coy coy coat, tell you what kind of model it is and what is best to wear with it.

But before talking about combinations of such a coat with other things of a female wardrobe, for a start it makes sense to say a few words about the history of this type of outerwear. Fashion historians argue that a coat of such a cut originates from an old cloak -rafting – such were wore back in the nineteenth century, and such cape more often prevailed in a men’s wardrobe. By the way, the word “cape” from English is translated as a cape.

Further – and then the well -known designer Pierre Carden decided to improve such a cloak a little and made slots for the sleeves in it. Later, such a cloak, thanks to other fashion designers, acquired sleeves and became like a modern coat – a cape, which we will talk about today.

Modern coats of such a cut have another significant detail – they fasten them from above and to the bottom. Also now on sale you can find such a coat of different lengths – you can purchase models and slightly higher than the knee, and knee -deep, and even maxi -flower, almost to the ankle length.

Producers make modern coats and creams not only from drape or cashmere, now you can also find knitted models of this silhouette. They are usually worn as cardigans, when the street is not too cool.

What is a coypic coat and how it is worn

What is great in this model of a coat – it approaches almost any figure, but if you want it to sit perfectly on you, listen to the next tips.

Complete women are recommended to choose a long coat coat.

If you have a large stomach, then an elongated coy coy coat without a belt will help you to hide it.

But full and short hands will seem longer and more beautiful if you are worn by this model of a sleeve coat.

Now let’s look at the question of what things a women’s wardrobe is best combined with such a coat.

Of course, and without the prompts of stylists, all ladies and girls are probably clear that a wide coat requires a narrow bottom. It follows that with this option of outerwear, narrow trousers or jeans, narrow skirts and dresses, tight -fitting tunics, leggings and leggings will look good.

If you have acquired an elongated version of such a coat, then you can wear everything you like and goes if it is not visible from under your coat.

But then, and this is natural, your legs will be visible from under the coat and, accordingly, your shoes, which is at least important in creating a beautiful female image.

What is a coypic coat and how it is worn

It is also worth saying a few words about shoes – high boots or boots boots are perfect for such a coat. Naturally, they should tightly fit the leg and not have many large decorative elements.

Wear shoes with a wide boot under a wide coat – the Capilists do not recommend cape – it will look ugly. As for whether the shoes should have a heel, then the solution remains only for you – you can allow shoes both on the heel and without it. On warm spring or autumn days, stylists advise putting ankle boots under this coat, and here they should be in the heel – otherwise your legs will look shorter than it is actually.

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