What is a parquet board and what it consists of?

We all arrange repairs at home. And at this time it became fashionable to put a laminate, or as it is also called, a parquet board instead of linoleum and other coatings. Parquet board is a cheap and economical material for covering floors. It consists of the lower rack base and the upper facial coating, so to speak, a parquet bar with a straight edge, which is glued to the base.

Paul from the parquet is carried out by a certain layer consisting of natural wood, the thickness of which is 4 mm. This layer is glued to the base, the base is a noble tree, which consists of 2 layers of pine, and the fibers are directed in a variety of. Inside, the structure is fixed with the cord. It is laid between the base and the parquet bar. Thanks to this, the board becomes flexible and durable. The advantages of the laminate, which has a length of 500-2400mm, and the width is from 130 to 132 mm, the thickness of 15 and 21 mm is that the front surface at the factory is polished and covered in five layers of varnish. The parquet board is applicable everywhere, therefore it enjoys great success among customers. If the thickness of the parquet board is 15 mm, then it can be sanded up to five times.

In the edges of the boards are crests and grooves. They are there in order to connect to each other. There are such species when the base of the racks is much wider than 30 mm, in such cases, they should respectly contain longitudinal cuts. Shortened parquet boards are available on sale, their length is 600-1200 mm. The use of a floorboard when covering the floor of the floor will increase labor productivity ten times than when covering piece parquets, and 5 times than when using a conventional board.

Typically, the bases of the Barlinek parquet boards are made of various ancient. For example, pines, spruce, larch, cedars, fir, birch, alder, aspen, poplar. If the base is made of trees, such as birch, alder, aspen and poplar, in which case is used antiseptic wood. There are different ones in the length of the rail. There are two types of them, integral and composite. If the rail is composite, then the joints should be located at a different. Parquet board – very wear -resistant and very shock -resistant material. Do not worry if the scratches will remain on the laminate or not. Definitely will not remain. And even if you spill the same coffee or any other products, the board will not suffer.

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