What is repairs?

The move is equivalent to the fire – this is folk wisdom, and then what does the repair mean then? Many people say that the repair is equal to two fires or compare it with a large flood. Even getting into a large company, you can hear talk about repairs, everyone takes a feasible part in this process, as they say, from small to great, if you do it on their own. The conversation about repairs can last endlessly. Ideas also seem endless about what we will do in our apartment or house. A person always comes up with something new and interesting, and also finds out how much this or that element or a certain process will cost.

Currently, building materials stores are forced by various modern paints, finishing tiles, MDF panels and other materials designed for repair. You always have to choose from a huge variety, for example, an alternative to a stone floor – this is a laminate, a linoleum parquet or a natural board. You can go shopping and choose endlessly, and even if it is known that you need tiles on the floor, you need to spend a lot of effort to determine the coloring.

Of course, many designer or construction companies can be facilitated at present, but an ordinary family in Russia is repairs on their own. But, this applies not only to the financial issue, but it is also interesting and always captures. Family evening in this case takes place in disputes, what and how to do, a joint discussion of the future interior design. The wife usually heads the kitchen, she decides everything what and how to equip and in what color to paint the walls. The arrangement of the hall or bedroom goes to the husband or is decided by joint efforts. The evening is approaching to an end, and tomorrow everything is from the beginning, the shopping races and the continuation of the repair.

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