What is Harakiri

Japanese culture (manga, anime, sushi – heard such words?) in Russia popular. But, despite this situation, sometimes the words from the country of the rising sun have hitherto, we remain only fashionable sets of letters. Otherwise, it would probably hardly have anyone had to call the catering establishments the term “harakiri”. After all, it is like opening a bar with the name “kill yourself” or, for example, a cafe “suicide”. Probably, only the most gloomy Goths would visit such rooms – and that, I think, with some timidity.

What is Harakiri

So, Harakiri is “Japanese suicide”. But not any suicide can be called. The word consists of hal hara (stomach) and “Kira” (cut). That is, this rite of killing itself is done through the taping of its abdomen. Therefore, all other suicide methods will not relate to Harakiri. In addition, this method is very, simply incredibly painful. But why did samurai do this with themselves if we are familiar that a healthy person tries to protect his life?

This cruel movement has a creeping object with a cutting object. The fact is that various peoples “settle” the soul of a person in different parts of the body. For example, among Russians-it lives somewhere in my chest, next to my heart. We even have the words “soul” and “heart” so often used interchangeable. And the expression “the heart is pushing, aching, hurting” does not mean at all, as if the future of a cardiac surgeon will soon be in front of you. Our soul lives a side of the heart. And the soul of the Japanese “nest” in the tummy.

It’s not about the topography of important organs of the body. A blow to the stomach indicates a blow to the very soul. And the samurai believed in the special meaning of such a blow, supposedly redeeming all the misconduct in earthly life. This is so brutal-meaningful sometimes religion turns out to be. By the way, when the Japanese businessman jumps out of the window after the collapse of the company, the European colleagues call him cowardly – although for a descendant of samurai, the act seems valiant. But thus, there is no person, and the goal – to preserve the honor – has not been achieved ..

What is Harakiri

We need to know what Harakiri is, only to understand the plots of books and films from Japan and about the Japanese. And for this, a simple “made Harakiri, therefore, killed himself”. In addition, the concept of “Sappuka” is a synonym Harakiri, if you meet this word – it means almost the same. But Harakiri call any taping of the abdomen, made even in their own kitchen. This is a conversational word. And if the samurai has committed a ritual “correct” suicide, it will be called more important “Sappuka”. However, two hieroglyphs of both expressions are exactly the same, only they are set in a different order. Here is such a trick of Japanese speech, in it is generally a lot of different subtleties.

In the era of Edo, such a terrible rite was performed only by order of higher persons. It was not Samurai that he determined whether to make a sankcock, but he was appointed such an execution. And he had to comply with many different, sometimes very painful “formalities”. It should be noted that this ceremony has been prohibited from Japanese laws since 1968, but the unofficial cases of Harakiri, unfortunately, continue. One of the bitter examples is the monk, judoka and Olympic champion. Such a person could bring much more benefit alive, but due to the loss of the company he led by the company killed himself.

Perhaps you are attracted to the romance of stories about samurai, which “death was much better than dishonor”. And yet remember-while we are alive, we can correct any perfect real or fictional “sin”. And after death we will not be able to fix anything to the tiny. So, probably, to live noble, albeit with shame?

What is Harakiri

And yet, the murder is called completely in other words. If you have read books about Japan from the time of samurai and want to scream at someone, then it’s stupid to shout “I will make you harakiri”. It’s how to say “I will make you suicide,” which is done only for themselves, simply because it is suicide, not murder ..

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