Why and how I work with the products of the company “Eco Forest”

I’ll listen to some 40-year-old men now, they complain about life, they cannot attach themselves, they say it was better before, go to the factory and no worries.

And for me it’s better for me now, because I was a hereditary furniture, my grandfather told me that his grandfather had his own furniture workshop in the 19th century. He was, the so -called red -ruble, his furniture was valued in the city. The richest people ordered him an atmosphere for their houses and apartments. The landowners from the village came to him, he taught his workers, like his sons, to work for conscience.

Then, under the Soviet regime, they made this state workshop, it grown, it became a factory. My grandfather and father worked on it, I managed to work there after the technical school. Well, in the dashing 90s, this factory closed.

The question of further work arose before me. I thought that the knowledge and ability to work with me remained, so I began to slowly take private orders. Father helped with business and advice. I gradually untwisted, began to think about the search for better material. He connected his son to this case to look for information about companies that make, so to speak, semi -finished products, that is, boards, MDF panels for the manufacture of furniture.

I like how they relate to us, if at the moment it is not available what I need, they accept the order and fulfill it very quickly. Understand that the deadlines for the performance of my work depend on this. They will call that there is the necessary material and deliver me if necessary.

Thanks to this company, I have many new customers for the manufacture of furniture. People can be understood – now there are many different products on the furniture market, and quality is not always good. So who found a quality product and others advise you to buy or order the same.

I have already begun to think about expansion, I attach a new, while small, workshop. And acquaintances ask for work, so there will be no problems with the staff.

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