Why tile

Today, most often walls and floor in the bathroom are laid out with tiles. In principle, this is quite logical, since the tile is able to provide maximum sterility, because it will be much easier not to clean on the rough walls and floors, but on smooth.

If you have already bought tiles, then for a second you need to stop and check if there is an electrical wiring in the bathroom. Since, at this stage it will not yet be too late to hide it. In your free time it will be possible to find out what the design studio is doing this information is very useful.

During the laying of the tile, be sure to try to postpone a few pieces, since subsequently a situation may arise when you need such tiles, and it will no longer be on sale. If you bought tiles back, then do not pity on the money and immediately after the repair go to the store to buy a couple of extra tiles. The assortment of building materials changes extremely quickly, so it will be insulting if, due to the fact that you did not bought the tile “in reserve” will have to completely change it in the bathroom.

Using the tile, if desired, you can increase/decrease the room visually. For example, using large tiles can make a room slightly less. And if you have a small bathroom, then it can be increased using a lot of mirrors and tiles of light shades.

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